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About Eagle Freight and Logistics Ltd

We are an independent freight forwarding company registered in UK and Scotland, regulated by and a member of BIFA and FIATA. We offer a specialist service with competitive rates to Southern Africa, shipping to Durban (SA) Walvis Bay (Namibia).

Vehicle and Car Shipping RO / RO

We ship heavy plant and machinery, bikes, cars, vans, trucks, and just about anything that can be driven or towed on weekly scheduled services direct from the UK using specialist Roll on Roll off (RO / RO) car shipping vessels or securely loaded to 20′ and 40′ containers for shipping weekly via our container shipping services. We also ship oversized cargo loaded on special flat bed or trailers. RO / RO is the safest and most inexpensive way to handle and transport oversized or special project cargo. Vehicles are stowed and secured on the most appropriate deck, depending on its weight, height and length

We operate container loading facilities at all UK ports and can arrange if required for your car to be collected, delivered to the port of departure and shipped by Ro / Ro or Container.

We ship from several Ports in the UK including Immingham, Newcastle, Southampton, Sheerness, Teesport and Tilbury

We operate Car Carriers onward from Namibia to the borders. For trucks, lorries buses etc we have qualified and experienced drivers

To our customers in Africa we source cars/trucks for you. Or if you have bought your car/truck we offer an inspection service to ascertain the condition of your vehicle.

Why choose us?

  1. Worldwide shipping
  2. Shipping of any type of vehicle
  3. Vehicle collection service
  4. Pre-shipment inspection reports
  5. Full UK H.M. Customs & Excise clearance
  6. Namibia we do:

  7. Forwarding & Clearing
  8. Bond Facilities
  9. Import & Export Documentation
  10. Customs Clearance
  11. Cross Border Clearing
  12. Storage

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All vehicles handed to us must contain at least 3 gallons of fuel. Insurance will only be covered if shipper so instructs at the time of shipment and the value is entered in to this declaration. The insurance is governed by the policy and no further responsibilities can be accepted by Eagle Freight and Logistics Ltd (N.B. Radios and Music Systems are not covered within the policy)

Conditions Eagle Freight and Logistics Ltd and/or our agents are acting as forwarding agents only on behalf of the owner and cannot assume any responsibility whatsoever for the acts of steamship lines, carriers or their representatives for losses or damage due to acts of God, strikes, war, public disturbances or similar occurrences beyond their control. Unless otherwise specified herein all shipping and forwarding work is undertaken by us subject to our standard trading conditions (latest edition) copies of which are available upon request. Rates, departures, arrival dates etc. are given in good faith according to information received from carriers or their agents and no responsibility can be assumed for expenses or losses due to changes, irrespective of cause.

Eagle Freight and Logistics Ltd shall have a general lien on the goods pending settlement of all charges, duties and expenses incurred in connection with the shipment. Selection of carriers, packers, agents etc. is at the option of Eagle Freight and Logistics Ltd and all subcontracts with those companies or persons are considered as having been accomplished by the owner. Any claim or action against Eagle Freight and Logistics Ltd shall only be made in England and the laws of this country shall apply. This is to be considered the only contract and all clauses are accepted by both parties concerned.

The undersigned owner or designated representative, herewith authorise Eagle Freight and Logistics Ltd to proceed with shipment. All terms and provisions stated in this contract are agreed to.